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My main blog at has disappeared because has closed down so we've moved to

Please join us there!  :o)



theknittycat's tips & techniques at 01/04/2011/ Hello Kitty in Kimono and My Crafty Christmas 2010 is MOVING! is closing is closing!

Wow!  What a shock!  Bloggers at just found out that the site is closing in less than a month and we have to move everything or lose it all!

I've just imported to,, and (not to livejournal because lj does not allow importing from another blog for some sad reason).  I'll try them out and see what works best.  Maybe moving to another site will turn out to be a good thing.  We’ll see…

I'm just really happy that I was able to import my posts to other sites!!  Whew!  All those peeps ... nearly lost in oblivion... what a scary thought!

But now they have lots of room to play!  Alll over the internet!  ;o)

Obviously, this is a work in progress... getting the formatting fixed may take a while.  But at least the posts will survive... I HOPE!  :o)

I'll be losing my site counter.  :o(

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vox site counter September 3, 2010